Micki Mineo and Giulia Petronio are the two creators of “JANHE”.

The idea springs up in January 2022, in a decidedly informal situation and in a completely joking and unexpected way.


The two have made their compatibility the strong point from which to start.

Micki is a young entrepreneur and represents the pragmatic and analytical part of the brand, while Giulia is a Marketing student and model who has decided to combine these two poles present within her life through JANHE in order to express herself on a creative level.


In a short time, the team developed the brand identity of JANHE starting from the study of the details that according to them could represent the starting point: the minimalism and the 90s style cut-outs, the sensuality and elegance that characterizes the women who wear garments with these forms.


We see what we want to see…

JANHE represents a free and aware woman, proud to highlight her silhouette with a touch of sensuality and elegance. Enhancing the right points in a woman’s body is the philosophy that guides the brand and allows it to play with proportions and lines in a multiplicity of weaves.


The woman who wears JANHE is self-confident, sensual but at the same time ironic. The brand contains an invitation to dare and highlight one’s physicality in a proud and conscious way.


Try to see what you want.